Dealer Car Washing


These are systems that can be tailored to meet your specific car wash or business need.

Drive Throughs

Car wash where the vehicle is driven between guide rails at low speed where equipment is utilized to clean the vehicle. Wash quality is good and throughput can reach 40 cars an hour.

In-Bay Automatics

Self-contained in a small bay and cycles over or around the vehicle while it is parked. Often found at gas stations, convenience stores, and self-serve car washes. Wash quality is great for maintenance of vehicle appearance. Throughput maxes out at 15 cars per hour.


Usually used in the space of an In-Bay Automatic, or can be built new for small potential sites. Vehicle is driven on to a conveyor system that moves it through the wash equipment. Wash quality is consistent and greatly improved. Tunnel length is usually about 35’ to 65’. Maximum throughput is approximately 50 cars per hour.


Car wash where the vehicle is driven on to a conveyor system that moves it through the wash equipment. A larger version of the Mini-Conveyor, the tunnel length for a conveyor car wash ranges from 65’ up to >160’. Wash quality is consistent and of superior quality. Throughput ranges from 80 to 160 cars per hour depending on conveyor length.


This is a Retail version of a mini or standard length conveyor that can service retail customers as well as service customers or maintain inventory cleanliness.


Dealer Services

For most dealerships washing cars is an unpleasant necessity that is mandated by the manufacturers. Washing new cars prior to delivery, vehicles that have been serviced and lot inventory is time consuming and labor intensive.


In fact, for most dealers washing cars is a line item expense and a costly one at that. But it doesn’t have to be.


Now is the time to turn the table and make this cost center into a profit center. Whether your goal is to simply provide a sparkling clean car to your service customers, create a reason for existing customers to visit your facility more often or attract new business, we can help.


Alliant Carwash Services has solutions to help you

with any of the following:

• Increase Customer Satisfaction Index Scores

• Reduce Labor Costs

• Improve wash quality and consistency

• Wash more cars in less time

• Increase current customer retention

• Generate revenue with the addition of a retail car wash open to

   the public.


With our expertise, we can help your dealership face the challenge and turn a problem into an opportunity to grow your business.

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